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Haystack—The Last Business Card You'll Ever Buy (And it's free)


Haystack might be the last business card that I ever buy. Even better, it was free.

I do not endorse apps very often, but recently, in my efforts to design a new business card, I thought about how simple it would be to create an app that serves the same purpose: something visually appealing, easy to share and store, and, of course, environmentally friendly. A quick search led me to the app Haystack, and I was both relieved and aggravated that this idea for a digital business card had already come to fruition.

Here’s the upside to Haystack:

  • Create as many business cards as you like. Whether for your primary job or your side business cleaning gutters or creating wedding invitations. You can create and store an unlimited amount of business cards on this app and easily share them via text, email, or AirDrop.
  • Once you share a card with someone it will be stored on their app and can also sync with your contacts list. Even better, as you update the card it will automatically update across the platform for each person that you shared it with. If the recipient does not have the app, the Haystack card will still open in their browser and be viewable there, as well as update your contact information in their smartphone.
  • The app allows you to scan physical business cards into your library. I typically will scan a business card within the same hour that I receive it so that I can throw it away. I have a strong aversion to holding things in my pockets, but if you do not, you are likely to lose or confuse the business cards you acquire.
  • You can add notes when you scan a physical card. This way you can ensure that you are not confused about the context of your meeting or potential business relationship. Try taking a pen out and writing on a gloss finished business card and tell me this isn’t better.
  • You can also send notes with a Haystack card. As in, “Jessica, it was great meeting you at the gala last night. I’d love to talk more about building a website for you.” We all look for a few missing pieces of information after a truly great evening; don’t let your business card be one of them.
  • Haystack can auto pull pictures from social media profiles, and store profile accounts directly on the card. The buttons that I have on my card now are Cell, Text, Email, Website, and Linkedin. You can directly access this information from the app just as you would in your contacts.

Haystack currently has three payment options: the basic platform (free), premium ($4/month), and Enterprise ($199/month). The basic free option incorporates all of the aforementioned abilities. Premium allows for more design options, CRM third party options, analytics, company wide business card design, and additional social features. Enterprise allows premium options, plus “Enterprise level support” and onboarding assistance for large teams.