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Five Careers That You Should Hire An English Major For

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I was an English major in college, so needless to say, I have friends in a few different fields. However, my happiest former classmates are in positions in which they get to write daily and use their creative skills.

To me, writing is more than just a habit. It’s an expression of ideas that becomes addictive in positive ways. If you were running every single morning for years then you might endure a lot of pain and sadness if you were to suddenly quit. In a career, writing was the same way for me. The difficulty is finding a position in which you may use your writing skills.

Here are five careers in which English majors will excel and how their analytical and writing skills will help them. In fact, they may be the best candidates for hire.


Copy editing is becoming one of the most versatile career fields in business, media, and technology. Specifically focused on reformatting written text to a proper format for publication, this field has been broadened to include web development and publication, multimedia and broadcasting, as well as traditional and web journalism.


Similar to copy editing in diversity of applications, copywriting is common in the marketing industry, and can be applied to anything from creative three word quips to email marketing, blog posts, and journal articles. Copy editing may play a part, but the essential idea is that you are specifically writing convincing words in order to sell something.

Public Relations

Public relations professionals come from all kinds of backgrounds, but typically from communications or journalism. In PR, you will deal with press releases, copywriting, and event planning. More importantly you will meet people. If you loved crafting persuasive journal articles and business responses and then presenting them to an audience, this may be the job for you.

Marketing Strategist

Similar to copywriting in that this job is found in the field of marketing, the position of brand strategist may come easily to an English major. Brand strategy is all about research, getting into the consumer’s mind, and then creating an effective marketing plan. If you have developed research skills from four years of 30 page research papers, than this is your go to. If you are still confident in contributing as a writer, you may just end up heading a marketing department some day.

Communications Specialist

Who knew that we would get to 2017 and no one would know how to communicate? Poor business communication is often the result of poor writing and worse response. No one liked having their thesis statement torn apart in seminar classes, but an English major will know how to take constructive criticism and return with a better product. Furthermore, lots of professionals just cannot write, and need someone else to draft their well written emails and articles.

Businesses are finding more and more that the technical writing and grammatical skills should be secondhand in their workplace. If given the opportunity, you may find that your aptitude extends beyond technical or creative writing careers. I have found that I am very good at business management and business strategy. It depends on how much you plan to keep writing as an everyday hobby or if you want to make a career out of it.

When you find out that you are good at something then you want to keep doing it. For English majors, after four years of writing long research papers, giving and taking criticism, flexing creative muscles, and presenting jaw dropping theses, they should go unapologetically forward with the confidence that a career after an English degree is decidedly possible.