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Create Your Mission Statement to Find Your Brand

Create Your Mission Statement to Find Your Brand

Create Your Mission Statement to Find Your Brand

When I was hired at Wildcard Toys as Brand Manager the e-commerce company had just opened “doors,” and was beginning to enjoy moderate traffic online and through their Youtube channel. What had not yet developed was a company purpose. Wildcard Toys, LLC was created as a subsidiary of another, larger company, and espoused no mission statement other than to reach a large niche audience of consumers looking for collectible toy items.

Although finding a niche market with contracts like Funko collectibles appeared like a gold mine, without a proper mission statement the company could not stand out with many other retailers and ebay sellers that were stocking the same items, at the same release dates, and who had the reputation of experience and reliability.

It was in designing an advertisement and speaking with customers that I found our mission statement. We packed items well. In fact, we packed like collectors. I included this in a simple banner ad, and with that I had determined our specific efforts to satisfy the customers in that niche market. The collector; the mint condition officiant. Despite being a marketing professional, my additional work as our shipping manager was an unusual chore that I treated with special care.

We immediately received a positive customer response to this advertisement. Not only did the PPC campaign land a huge amount of clicks, driving traffic to our website, but we began receiving customer emails asking us specifics about our packing. They were interested in how we packed, what materials we used, and what sort of guarantees were we willing to make. Many of those customers were extremely relieved to find a company that cared about their items' condition and appearance.

This customer response helped me to develop a mission statement that carved a hole in the niche market that we were targeting. Wildcard Toys―packed by collectors, for collectors.

As it turned out, we packed items better than most of our competitors, and the customer response was huge. Our advertisements were shared on Reddit, people began to generate positive word of mouth and post pictures, and business flourished accordingly.

In communicating with and responding to our customers, we found our mission statement and established the motivation of our brand. Now the goal of that company is to continue to meet customer satisfaction in order to live up to brand expectations and reach the top of its niche market.

In Summary: In a niche market it is even more important to understand and listen to your customers. Branding is more than just advertising: it's about creating positive relationships with your customers and continually upholding your mission statement. Advertise your purpose in order to find your customers.