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Brand Strategy

Create Your Mission Statement to Find Your Brand

In a niche market it is even more important to understand and listen to your customers. Branding is more than just advertising, it's about creating positive relationships with your customers and continually upholding your mission statement. Advertise your purpose in order to meet your customer’s wants.

Linkedin Profinder Increases Promotional Efforts

Linkedin Profinder has increased promotional efforts by requesting that users self-promote their businesses—that is, through their social network based freelance listings.

Is Your Company Telling the Right Kind of Story?

Stories are a powerful way to advertise. Usually, the ads that elicit the most attention are those that make us feel something. But when you tell a story that has nothing to do with your product, or furthermore distracts from your product, you aren’t going to generate customers.

Staples Wants Employees to Eat Turkey

Staples wants their employees to eat turkey and take a nap this Thanksgiving. That is, before coming in the next morning to work on Black Friday. They are the first to make the statement that they will remain closed on Thanksgiving this year, breaking the trend of many large retailers to open after holiday dinners and remain open overnight into Black Friday.

Amazon Seeks To Rebuild Reputation With Brick and Mortar

Amazon opened its first physical bookstore today at a permanent location in the University Village mall in Seattle. The company, which has offered pop-up locations for major sales in the past, is following the trend of many former “online only” retailers to open a physical store that emphasizes customer interaction.